Ep 1 - Welcome To The Planet Baby Bill

This is the 1st episode of the Story Blog of Electricity Legend Bill. It is 2am in the morning. The woman named Marian is about to give birth to a baby boy. She once wished the Almighty Creator that the baby boy that she will have is to be a powerful person.

Doctor Jenny: Mr. Randy, it's time. We will transfer your wife in the electric proof delivery room. Based on the check ups we made before, your son will have a powerful electicity power once he came out so we have to make sure your wife will be safe.
Randy: I dont know what to sa doc. I can't
believe that my son has that kind of gift.
Doctor Jenny: Your son has a very rare gift. The electricity element is almost impossible to have. Most of the gifts that we encounter were fire, water and wind. I have to leave you now Randy.
Randy: Okay doc. Please take care of them.
Doctor Jenny: We'll do our best.

The medical team prepared all the equipments they need for Marian's labour.
After 30 minutes, Marian successully gave birth to their baby Bill. The baby went inside an automatic tube that is electric proof. The tube automatically cleans the baby. The baby cries very loud and the doctors were surprised because there is no electricity coming out from the baby's body. After a thorough check, the medical team hand the baby to Marian and the baby starts to breast feed to Marian. Randy went inside to see their baby.
Randy: Hi! Welcome to the planet my baby boy!
Tired Marian looked to his husband, they kissed and say "He looks like you."

Doc Jenny talked to the couple.

Doc Jenny: It can't be. The elemental detector can't go wrong. But when your baby came out, the electricity element totally disappeared. We can't believe it happened and we apologize for the info that we gave. Your baby can live a normal life in your place, but from time to time, the Guardian Protos from the Gifted Island will visit Bill to monitor his behavior.
Randy: We are very thankful to the team for successful delivery of Marian. We are also glad to hear that Bill can live with us.

Randy and Marian are both happy with the results of Marian's labour. What's make them more happier is baby Bill can live a normal life with them. But the Guardian Protos is worried about the next things that can happen. He's sure that the baby will be hunted by other powerful creatures from other dimension to use his power for their own benefit.