Ep 2 - Protos Finding a Place To Live

It is a sunny day when the family came home from the hospital. The couple were both excited on their plans for Bill on raising him. Protos, the guardian from the Gifted Island has successfully guided the couple secretly. Hiding from the huge tree, he plans to talk to the couple about the dangers they might have in the future.

Protos: I think they need to rest for the moment. I have been waiting for this time to come. To train an individual with electrical power is something new to me. I have never encountered that power before. I can't believe that the electricity power did not appear during the labour of the woman.

Protos lay down in a huge branch of the tree and then looked up in the sky.

Protos: I need to make sure that the baby is safe no matter what happen. I have to protect him as long as I'm breathing. At the same time, I have to continuouslly train myself on using my skills. I have to become very strong to fight those unknown creatures that might attack Bill. Anyways, no rush, I need to eat!

Protos went down from the tree. He slowly walked in the street.

Protos: Ooops.. I dont have money to buy a food and rent a place. But I have gold coins. I need to search for a bank here.

He use his smartphone to search for a bank nearby.

Protos: Okay, 20 minutes walk from here.

After almost 20 minutes he arrived at the bank. The bank staffs are totally surprised at the gold coins that he has. He exchanged his coins to money, have the half in a bag and have the other half in the bank account. He found an apartment near the house of the couple and stayed there to rest.

Protos: At last I'm here in my place. This place is good enough for me to train and live a life while watching the baby. I'm starving.. Tomorrow morning, I will visit the couple.

The stomach of Protos create a hungry sound. He phoned a food delivery, ate and rest.