Ep 10 - Protos Breaks Free From the Water Chain

When Protos saw Bill crying, he tried to control the water chain of Joonie.
Joonie: Ah! You're awake now kid! Look at how we beat your master! Don't worry, we will not eliminate him. We need him alive. Just enjoy the show!
Protos: Bill! Just rememeber all the lessons we made. "What your mind thinks, you become!"
Jimmy: Hahaha! That's stupid!
Protos took a deep breath and then charged up his flame power around his body.

Protos: I will not let anyone harm you Bill! I will protect you with all my strength!!!
The flame of Protos runs to the water made chain of Joonie and then hits him.
Joonie: Ahhh!
Joonie is on fire and runs backward a bit.
Jimmy immediately use his cold power to eliminate the fire on Joonie but it only decreases the fire.
Jimmy stops the fire using more cold power to Joonie. They both lose control to Protos. Protos used more fire power to incinerate the water chain tangled to him and he breaks free.

Bill is still crying to see his master flaming in rage.
Protos: Just concentrate Bill. I will handle these intruders!