Ep 11 - Collision of Ice Water Chain and Huge Fire Ball

Joonie got burn injuries from Protos attack. He told Jimmy to show Protos a lesson. He got up and tries to fight again.
Joonie: You will pay for this Protos! You will pay!
He created another water made chain and start to charge it up with his power.
Jimmy: Hmm! Let's teach him a lesson.

Protos is flaming in rage and looked at the two with anger! Jimmy threw a large wave of ice to protos. Joonie immediately runs where he will not be seen by Protos not minding the hurt that the burn creates. When his newly created water made chain charged up, it became alive and then he throws it to the large wave of ice created by Jimmy.

Protos charged a huge fire ball in his left hand and then release it to the combination of ice and water chain of the two. The elemental charged powers collide and then it created an exploding sound while it is colliding.
Protos: Raaahhh!
Protos gave more power to his huge fireball using his left hand with open palm. The combination of ice and water chain weakens a little.