Ep 13 - Protos Defeated

After freezing the fireball of Protos, the live chain water of Joonie breaks it to pieces and  the chain immediately wraps around the body of Protos to neutralize him. Protos is trapped.
Joonie: Got you! How dare you burn me. Let me teach you a lesson!
Protos tries to escape the water chain but he can't move because he have used a lot of his energy and is exhausted. Joonie walks near Protos and beat him with powerful punches. Protos bleed and it in hurt badly.

Lance: Get out of my way Joonie! Here comes the finale!
The huge aggressive wave of Lance was released to deal a lot of damage to Protos. Protos is trapped and is not able to move so he can not evade this attack. He looked at the huge wave of incoming water and took a deep breath. The water deals critical damage to Protos and he is drowned in it. After the attack, Protos collapesed into the ground.

Lance: That's all he got, I suppose. We are victorious. We successfully defeated the legendary Fire Master Protos. I'm excited to have our rewards. Let's go and take them.
Jimmy: And how about that kid? What are we going to to with him? He's awake now.