Ep 14 - The Awakening of Electricity Power

Lance: Let him live. We don't want to violate the rules of the Globe Island. Not to hurt any innocent people in here. Besides, he's useless to us now. We have defeated Protos and accomplished our mission. Let's tie Protos with the neutral lace so we'll give the signal to the people of the Globe Island to retrieve him and send him to our master. All we have to worry about is what items we should buy to strengthen our powers for our next mission.

Jimmy: Okay.

Joonie: Damn! I'm gonna wear this scar from now on. I'm not flawless now. I have defeated powerful creatures without a scratch. Only Protos put a scar on me.

Joonie brings out the neutral lace from his belt bag and he is about to tie Protos with it until a very bright light coming from the barrier that covers Bill came out.

The three of them were in shock. They don't know what is happening. It surprised them even more when the ice barrier starts to crack and they became worried on what might happen next.

Lance: Huh? What's this?!
Jimmy: It can't be! No one can break my ice barrier! Who is doing this? Is it the child?
Joonie: We got to do something.

The ice barrier breaks into pieces and then a very bright sphere of electrical energy surrounds Bill. It charges huge amount of electricity and then lightning bolts fires to the three. The three collapsed and then the light sphere moves out from Bill going to the direction of Protos. Bill is raising his hand when the sphere went out from him. It surrounds Protos for a moment and then it disappears.

Bill collapsed and then all of them becomes unconcious. Protos starts to feel his body again and noticed that his wounds were partially healed.

Protos: What happened here?