Ep 15 - Protos' Unknown Victory

Protos wondered what happened. His wound  were partially healed and his strength was filled a little.

Protos: The only thing I remember is that giant wave of water hit me and I run out of energy. Who defeated these powerful guys?

He looked at Bill and then he saw him unconscious on the floor. He ran to him and tries to wake him up.

Protos: Bill wake up!

He checked the pulse of Bill and his breathing. He noticed that the boy was just unconscious. He put him on a box where he can comfortably rest. He ran into his enemies to check if they're still alive and noticed that they were just unconscious.

He put them together and tie them using the neutral lace that can signal the Globe Island to retrieve defeated enemies. The neutral lace have the ability to make a creature unable to use any kind of power when it is on.

When the neutral lace is totally tied up to the three opponent, Protos pushed the button that neutralize the enemies and make a signal to the Globe Island. It lights up.

Protos: I feel like I cheated. Whoever you are who defeated these three, the credit is yours. I'm just here to make these guys go back to where they belong. How will I forward the rewards if I don't know who should I send it? Anyway, what's more important is Bill's safety.

Protos went to his motorcycle to pick up his phone. He called the parents of Bill and told that he have found him. After a while a pick up truck came in to the place.

Globe Island Man: Congratulations Master Protos! You made it. 3 powerful creatures versus one. We're glad to give you these gold coins reward. You got 999 gold coins for beating these three.

Protos: Thank you.

The other guy from the Globe Island loaded the three in the pick up truck using just one of his hand.