Ep 18 - Lance Revealed the Truth

Protos was surprised on what Lance told him. He plans to talk to the parents of Bill to ask permission to train him with his eletricity power. He must be sure about it first because Bill did not know how his power came out and thought that everything have happened were just a dream. Protos will be the one responsible on what might happen. He have to make sure that Bill will be able to control his power.

While in the apartment, he prepared the neutral bracelet for Bill just in case that he will be able to see his electrical power himself. It's dangerous for both of them. The electricity power is very powerful that can put them into critical state, just like what happened to the team of Lance. He rides his motorcycle and proceed to Bill's family. When he arrived, Bill is still in the school.

Protos: Your son defeated my three powerful captors.
Randy: What?!
Marian: It can't be.
Protos: I also cannot believe it. But Lance told me that he's the one who beat them in just one strike.
Randy: Oh my! That's absolutely wrong. because Bill told us that he was just sleeping during the battle.
Protos: He was unaware of what happened. He knew that he don't possess any powerful energy. This is the time that his power has awaken and I have to do something about it.

Marian: What are we going to do now?
Randy: Bill cannot go to any battle.
Protos: He's in danger.
Randy and Marian: ...
Protos: Creatures from other dimensions like the three hired water experts have grown stronger unlike before. Even a legendary rank like me cannot beat them and I failed to protect your son.

Protos: I have risked my life to save your son but the enemies were so powerful. Your son defeated them. Not just one of them but three in an ease. I want to let you know that he must be able to control his power.
Randy: No! Bill will stay here. He will not leave us and I will not allow anyone to harm my son.
Protos: I understand.


A loud explosion outside the family's house breaks their conversation.