Ep 19 - Uninvited Visitor With Dark Power

While Protos and the parents of Bill were talking, a loud explosion outside the family's house stops their conversation. Protos immediately ran outside the house to check it out. Randy took his hidden gun and went outside the house as well. Marian stays at the door to see what happened.

A guy wearing black and purple clothing with a long sword in his belt appeared behind the big hole in the family's garden created by the explosion. His face remains unnoticed until he walked near and start revealing himself. He's wearing black cowboy like hat.

Unknown: That is just a warning. There will be a lot of explosion if you don't give what I want.
Protos: Who are you? What do you want?
Unknown: I am a dark power legend. Anything that my dark energy touch will disappear like the garden here. It used to be a beautiful garden but disappeared in just a blast. Hahahaha!

Randy pointed the gun to the unknown fighter.
Randy: How dare you destroyed our garden! What you did was punishable by law and I can eliminate you now for trespassing.
Unknown: Eliminate me? Using that thing in your hand? You must be kidding me? Go ahead and try, I will be glad to catch your bullets.
Randy: Damn you! You really want to die!
Protos: Randy, calm down. Let me handle this.
Protos: What's your business here?!

Unknown: I'm here for the electricity power. It's an excellent kind of collection and will greatly increase my power. I'm here for the boy. Give me the boy and I will be victorious. They call me Victor, anyway.

Randy starts to shaken his hand a little. He's loosing his temper while Protos tries to negotiate with Victor.

Protos: It's a big mistake Victor. The boy possess no other power than human powers. I train him so I'm sure about it.
Victor: You're not fooling anyone but yourself, legendary fire master. You can't hide what I sensed in this place. Don't get in my way or I'll destroy this little town.
Protos: You cannot do that. The Globe Island will ban you if you do any harm to anyone here.

Victor: The Globe Island is just a portal for me. I can leave this place and never go back if I want to. But I want the power of that boy with me when I leave. Give him to me and I will leave this place and never come back. Nobody will be harmed. Deal?

Randy lose his temper and fires his gun but the bullets stops right in front of Victor. And then a little dark sphere absorbs the bullets and revolve around it.

Victor: I told you. I can catch those bullets.

Randy was shocked and wondered what is happening. But his anger comes out again.

Randy: You cannot take my son! Get out of here!

He fires the rest of his ammo but all of them were just absorbed by the dark sphere.

Victor: It's no use, can't you see, human?

Victor draws his long sword fast and put it in the dark sphere. The sword becomes color dark with purple. The bullets disappear and the sword absorbs the dark sphere.

Victor: You guys want to play, hah?! I will grant your wish! C'mon let's play!