Ep 20 - Victor's Dark Power Sword Attack

Victor change to fighting stance and starts to ready his sword with dark power charge to throw a powerful attack. Protos readies himself to defend the couple and himself.

Victor: Catch this!!!

Victor throws a powerful dark power slash from the ground to the direction of the couple. The ground starts to disappear whichever Victor's dark power slash touches. Protos immediately use a dark fire ball to push the dark power slash to the left to save the couple from the attack.

The dark power slash changed its direction out to the left. It hits the left part of the house of the couple and created huge damage in everything that it hits.

Victor: Nice one Protos!

Marian and Randy starts to panick and they thought it's the end of their lives.

Protos: You're a mad creature! You really want to destroy this place and eliminate people in here!

Protos is in anger. He starts to charge dark flame around him and Victor wonders what he's going to do. Protos knew that only dark flame can match the dark power of Victor.


Protos focused his sight to Victor to create dark flame. And Victor starts to incinerate with Protos' dark flame.

Victor: Aaahhh!!! Nnnooo!!!

Victor moves as he is being incinerated by the damage dealt by the dark flame. He is on his knees.

Victor: Aaahhh!

After a while of being incinerated, he stops moving. Marian and Randy feels worried on what is happening. Protos starts to wonder why Victor stops moving while his dark flame burns him.

Victor: Hahahahaha! Wahahahaha! You really think that you can damage me with your dark flame.

Victor stands up and a small dark sphere appeared on front of him. It grows larger while it absorbs the dark flame around him.

Victor: Can't you see the cloak that I'm wearing?
Protos: Huh?
Victor: Yeah! You are not updated on the items that we can buy on the legendary shops in this multiverse.
Protos: That must be the one resisted my dark flame.
Victor: Hmm. Sort of. This is the cloak of absorption.

Protos start to feel exhausted and he starts to breathe heavily. He's not a dark power master so the dark fire consumes huge amount of his energy. He haven't fully recovered from the battle of team Lance.

Victor: What's happening on you? Hahahaha! You must be out of energy. I will give you guys one more chance to live. Give me the boy and your lives will be spared.

Protos: No! As long as I'm breathing, no one can take my student.