Ep 4 - The Story of Protos

Randy: Marian and I talked about it before. We can't believe of everything that you say. We are humans living a simple life and we are happy and satisfied on what we have. When the doctor said about the electricity power of Bill, we are worried on how can it be possible. We haven't seen any of the superpowers that you guys are saying.

Marian: Yes, sir. We have talked about it. We can't tell how we are going to believe in words that you say. We are not trying to say that you are wrong but if you are right, please take care of our son because we love him so much!

Protos is in silence. He walk a little far from them and open his right hand. His palm started to heat up and then a tiny fire appeared on his hand. The couple is amazed on what they saw.

Protos: I mastered using fire and wind element. The combination of this two can be so powerful when used properly. These elements are so common unlike the power that we saw from your child.

Protos make the fire disappear and then Marian start to cry and say, "Oh my baby, please take care when you grow up. We want a happy life with you. You gave us happiness, please stay the same, baby."

Protos: That's why I'm here. I have saved a lot of gifted people in the missions that I have accomplished in the Globe Island. I risked my life in saving them, and now, I am willing to give my life to protect your son.

Randy: Ahh, sir, protos, I am so grateful to have you as my son's protector or guardian. Why are you doing this?

Protos: Because I choose to. When I was young, I was also a victim of slavery. I was kidnapped and enslaved by my captor in other dimension. I have an outstanding ability on using fire element and that attracted my captor to abduct me. My protector was eliminated by my captor. He risk his life protecting me. But I did not turn him down.

Protos: I manage to train myself during resting time. It was a restless time when I was enslaved. Everything that my protector told me is speaking loud and clear in my head. Until one day, a rescuer from the Globe Island arrived with his swift ability to save me. He eliminated the powerful guards of my captor. He almost failed to save me because my captor and his assistants were too powerful to beat.

That's the perfect time I used my fire power to help my rescuer on saving ourselves. He became a friend of mine and we share our knowledge on our powers. I learned some basic knowledge on wind from him. I owe my protector for giving his life for me and I return it by protecting the gifted people and train them to protect themselves.

The couple agreed to let Protos protect Bill from anyone who might attack. Protos leave the couple's house and started to jog again.