Ep 6 - 12 Years After

Years passed by, bill grew up into a loving son. Marian and Randy spent most of their time giving love to their son, while Protos trained Bill in Martial Arts for self defense. Protos told Bill never to use Martial Arts as much as possible and only use it to defend himself.

The beach where Protos trains also becomes the training ground of Bill in martial arts. Protos never told Bill about elemental powers because he want to keep Bill safe from hunters. He only trains Bill to improve their physical skills. Jogging becomes their family bonding together with Protos.

Everything went fine for 12 years until something happened. Protos got a news from the Globe Island that some creatures came in to hunt someone. Protos becomes worried because he never sensed Bill's electricity power and is impossible for anyone to sense it. Protos told Bill that they will not have training for the days to come. He is puzzled on who might be the target of the hunters from other dimension so he keeps on strolling in the city and training in the beach.

One afternoon, Bill went to the beach to train for himself. Protos detected the location of Bill using gps locator on its phone that he gave to him as gift. Protos immediately came in to the beach as fast as he can using his motorcycle. When he reach the beach, he saw bill training by himself alone.

Protos: Bill!
Bill: Master Protos. I thought you are very busy so I train for myself. I missed this and I wanted to keep it up.
Protos: I understand Bill. I'm sorry. I was just very busy these days. Okay, let's begin!
Bill: Yehey! C'mon let's start master!

Bill and Protos change to fighting stance. When both of them is ready, Protos dashed to Bill and released fast punches and Bill responded quickly to block the punches. Protos notices the quick improvement on Bill's speed. So he moves faster that he think Bill cannot reach. He unleashed even more faster punches. He was surprised to his student because Bill can still block and evade the punches that he release.

Protos moved as fast as he can physically and dash in to a blind spot that Bill can not see and then charged a powerful physical attack punch on him. Bill sensed Protos location and then immediately response to block the powerful punch. Protos' powerful punch was totally blocked by Bill.

Protos: Amazing! You surprised me with your moves. How did you do that?
Bill: I just keep on feeling the surrounding master. I just keep on training myself because I love to do this.
Protos: "What you think..."
Bill: "You become!"
Protos: Very good Bill!

Protos: Okay Bill, that's all for today. We need to go home so you will have enough rest for school tomorrow.
Bill: Okay master. Thank you!

They ride the motorcycle and go home. When they arrived at Bill's house, Bill says goodbye to Protos. And protos arrived to his apartment, eat his dinner and rest.

Protos: His skills are developing tremendously fast. He almost match my speed. I wonder maybe his electrical power is starting to awaken.