Ep 7 - Bill is Missing and the Visitation

One afternoon, everyone becomes worried because of an incident. Bill is missing. Usually, Bill go home immediately after school to train himself in martial arts. He always text his mom Marian whenever he's going to visit his friends or train with his master Protos in the beach. Marian messaged Protos to ask if Bill is with him. Protos got worried and replied "No, I'll go find him."

Protos is strolling the city to find news on what is going on when he received the news. He immediately call the phone of Bill but no answer. He used the gps locator to find Bill but it is off.

Protos went to the places where he can find Bill. When he arrived at the beach, Bill is not there. He becomes more worried that Bill might be taken until a message is received in his phone. The message is from Bill. "Come and get me". Protos Immediately made a phone call to Bill and the call was blocked.

He locate the gps location of Bill and it is on this time. He rushed to the place immediately riding his motorcycle. When he is near the place, he noticed that it is an abandoned warehouse and is a restricted area. He left his motorcycle from a far and ran inside the area. He looked for another way to go inside instead of using the main door.

When he's inside the abandoned warehouse, Protos cautiously looked around the place. He noticed something in the middle. He moved forward to see what it is. It's Bill sleeping at a wooden box. He went near to Bill but when he's near, an ice barrier appeared around Bill.

Protos: Ice Barrier! Show yourself!
Unknown: Protos! The guardian from the gifted island. What on Earth are you doing here? You must be training gifted people in the island.

A man hiding from a big metal box shows himself.

Unknown: I'm Lance from a far, far universe. We came here in peace. We are here to make a deal with you. Come with us and we'll give you anything that we have and help us in our goal.
Protos: What goal? You must know that I stopped attending to missions in the Globe Island.
Lance: Then why are you here training an ordinary people like this kid?
Protos: It's my choice to live here in this place. Leave my student alone and go back to your place. I'm not coming with you.
Lance: We were sent by our master. You have to understand that we need you to come with us or we will take you by force.

Lance: And why do you care so much about this kid? Look at him. Sleeping peacefully and very innocent. Does he know about the power that you have? Are you trying to teach ordinary people to learn elemental powers? You must be out of your mind. You know that these kind of powers will never be learnt by ordinary human.

Protos: Remove the barrier and let us leave this place or I have to eliminate you.
Lance: Me? You mean us?
Unknown: Yes, we are well informed about your power that's why we teamed up to capture you. Jimmy, by the way. I made that barrier and no one can break it except me.
Unknown: That is right. So I also help them to catch the Legendary Fire Master Protos. I'm Joonie!

Protos was surprised to see the three and is worried about what might happen next.