Ep 8 - Protos versus the Team of Lance

This is the 8th episode of the Story Blog of Electricity Legend Bill. Bill went missing and his parents were worried about it. They messaged Protos and he found him in an abandoned warehouse far from their place. Lance, Jimmy and Joonie from far universe abducted Bill to deal with Protos. They want Protos to come with them as their mission from their master.

Lance: Surrender yourself now, Protos. We will let your student to go home safely.
Protos: I'm here in this world to live the rest of my life protecting the people that matters to me. I'm not going anywhere. Break the barrier on my student and you can go back to your master safely.
Lance: We cannot go back without you, don't you understand that? Why do you care so much about this ordinary kid?!

My patience is running thin. If you don't surrender, we will crush this kid inside the ice barrier.

Protos change his stance into fighting.

Protos: Then you have to crush me first!

Lance: Hmm! Show us what you got!

Jimmy jumps into a big metal box and throw sharp ice sticks to Protos. Protos evades backward. Joonie runs fast to the left of Protos and then throws long water chain to Protos. Protos jumps to the right to avoid the chain. The box where the chain landed was destroyed. Protos noticed another incoming sharp ice sticks from Jimmy so he charged a fire ball to counter it. The ice sticks were destroyed.

Joonie runs near Protos and then throws his water chain again. Protos dodged the attack but he was hit by the impact. "Nice one!" said Jimmy. "Good!" Lance said. "It's time for me to attack!" he added. Lance runs forward to protos and then charged a powerful energy ball filled with water. He throws it to Protos while he is preparing a fireball to counter the attack. Protos throws a huge flaming ball to the water energy ball. It explodes. They all moved backward to avoid the impact. They continue to attack Protos and he keeps on blocking and countering the attacks.

While the four are fighting, Bill inside the ice barrier wakes up. He saw them fighting using their elemental powers and amazed on it.
Bill: Am I still dreaming? Where am I? It's cool inside here. What's this?
Bill touched the ice barrier and he is hurt by freezing effect.
Bill: Ouch! Cool! Wait, I can feel the pain. I'm not dreaming anymore. Who are they?

Bill go near the barrier to see clearly who are the people fighting. He is shocked to see his master Protos using elemental fire power to fight.
Bill: Master? How did he do that? Why he didn't teach me how to use that kind of power?