Ep 9 - Protos Caught By Water Chain

Bill: I know master Protos very well. I'm sure he have a reason for not teaching me that kind of skills. It's really amazing to see those kind of powers.

Bill continues to watch their fight without them knowing that he has awake. The surroundings around them was destroyed because of the elemental powers that they release. The three enemies can match the powers of Protos when combined together. While Jimmy and Joonie releases tremendous elemental attacks that Protos are dodging, Lance stops and says "Okay, playtime is over".

Lance concentrates his water element power and then charge it around his body. Joonie noticed it and says "Okay, Lance is getting serious now. Time to catch you Protos." Joonie do the same and charge his water made chain around his body and then the chain becomes more aggresive and it starts to move like it is alive. Jimmy fires a wave of ice forward to Protos. Protos dodge it backward and noticed that his two enemies were charging their power.

Protos: This is bad! When their charged power combined together, I wouldn't be able to match it.
Jimmy runs forward to Protos hiding in the frozen wave that he create. He surprised Protos, appearing at the edge of the wave and then throws three blade made of ice. Protos was hit.
Protos: ahhh!
Jimmy: Got you!
Jimmy raised his left hand forward and then controls the blade that hit Protos. It then trapped Protos.
Protos charged his fire power and then the yellow red flame starts to surround him.

Jimmy: Hey, Joonie! I got him! Wrap him up!
Joonie: Alright!
Joonie stopped charging his water made chain and runs forward Protos. He throws his chain to Protos and then it went inside Protos' flame and surrounds him. The chain wraps around the body of Protos. Joonie goes near to Protos.
Joonie: We got you now! Now let me give you your punishment!
Joonie releases punches to Protos and it all landed to him.
Joonie: Take this!
Protos: Ahhh!

Bill noticed that his master is beaten by his enemies.
Bill: This is bad! I have to do something to help my master.
Bill punched the ice barrier around him but nothing happened. He charged a powerful punch again and then released it in the barrier but still nothing happens. When he saw his master Protos has blood on his face, his tears start to flow on his face.
Bill: My master taught me how to defend myself and my love once. But now I cannot do anything to protect him.
Bill: Master!!!
Bill shouts very loud that everyone can hear. Protos saw him crying in the ice barrier.