Ep 26 - The Antidote for Dark Power Poison

Antidote for dark power poison image
While the Globe Island Authority Jeffrey is giving the antidote to Bill's father Jeffrey, the other authority Matthew is also giving antidote to Protos.

Jeffrey: We are very sorry about what happened here. The antidote will fight the poison for up to 18 days but the poison is too powerful. It will resist the antidote after. That is all we can do about it.
Marian: What are you saying?! We don't expect anyone can harm us like this! My husband will die because of that attack and this is all you can do!
Bill: No!!! There must be a way!

Jeffrey: I'm very sorry for what happened. We are just here to protect the people from these kind of creatures. We are not as powerful as the legendary fire master Protos. We can cover the damages that the hunter makes. He will be banned for hurting you.

Jeffrey: The hunter must hunt another powerful creature, and we are only here to tame them and rebuild the damages it inflicts.

Marian: My husband is dying! Can't you see?!
Bill: Sir, there must be a potion for that kind of poison.
Jeffrey: Dark power poison is a very rare kind of poison and we haven't found the right ingredients to eliminate it to the body of the victim. This antidote can eliminate some of the poison but not all of them. If we give another antidote, it can eliminate the body of the victim.

Matthew assisted Protos up the crater and starts to join the conversation.

Protos: There is a way.

All of them stops for a moment and then Bill asks his master.

Bill: What is it, master?
Protos: There is an abandoned portal in a planet that no one wants to go because no one comes back alive. In that planet, there's an improssoned village that has the most advanced medicines in this multiverse.

Protos: The village was imprisoned by a legendary electricty master that was gone a long time ago. We don't know the reason why the villagers were imprisoned but we strongly believe that the villagers are still alive, even today. A lot of hunters went to the planet to free the villagers because no one can make the same potion that they have that can cute even a dark power poison.

Jeffrey: What are you planning to do, Master?
Protos: I will send someone to the planet to free the villagers.

The family of Bill stays at Protos' apartment temporarily while the Globe Island Authorities banned Victor for what he has done and rebuild the damages and the house of the family.