Ep 28 - The Awakening of Bill's Electricity Power

Electricity Power energy sphere of Bill
Bill and his trainor Kim starts their training. The first module is "awakening". They went into a very peaceful river where all they can hear are the water flow and the birds singing in the trees.

Kim: You defeated the hunters without knowing how you made it. This time, you will learn how to use your power whenever you want it to. This place is sacred. This is the first step to awaken the power within you.

Kim: It's good to know that Master Protos trained you since you are a child about martial arts and physical trainings. Your discipline is what matters most here. All you have to do is to meditate. The rock at the center of the river is where you are going to meditate. When your mind is at peace, you can unleash the power within you.

Bill: Okay, master.

Bill starts meditating and Kim monitors him at a far. After 21 hours of meditation, Kim walks near him. Bill is now able to feel everything around him. Bill can feel his Master Kim is walking near him as he keeps on meditating.

Kim: Unleash your power and make a sphere of energy in front of you.

Bill is totally in peace. He did what his master told him without saying a word. The wind blows stronger around them. A small sphere of energy starts to appear in front of Bill.

Kim: Give more energy to your creation.

Bill raised is right hand with open palm and started adding more energy to the small sphere. The sphere starts to electrify and it grows huge. The water around the electrifying huge sphere waves strongly. Kim was very amazed in what she saw. She smiles and glad to see that her master Protos have found a very promising student.

Kim: Open your eyes.

Bill opened his eyes and saw the huge electrifying sphere of his energy. He starts to feel that the energy and his body are connected. He starts to feel the same energy flowing into the sphere when he was meditating. He begins to understand how to use his energy.

Bill: Beautiful!
Kim: That's your creation. That is your energy. If you want to use it to your target, the energy will be consumed. If you want it back, you may also do it. Bring it back to your body.

Bill instantly commanded his energy sphere to stop and it disappears. He felt it comes back to his body.

Kim: Now, use the power of your mind to create the same energy while your eyes are open. This time, you must be totally aware on how to use it.

Instantly, the same huge electrifying sphere of energy appeared in front of Bill.

Kim: Well done! You have completed the Awakening Module! Let's get you some rest and raw food diet to replenish your energy. In the evening, we will move on to the next module.