Ep 36 - Bill Versus The Reddish Wolf Leader Thanus

Image of The five fire hurricane of the reddish wolf leader Thanus

Five hurricane with fire from the reddish wolf leader Thanus appeared around Bill. He stays calm while the hurricane of fire is starting to burn him.

Bill: It's getting hot in here.
Thanus: That skill have turned intruders of this place into ash! I don't think you can survive this kind of attack!

Bill's defense against the hurricane fire of the  reddish wolf leader Thanus

Bill's electricity barrier starts to protect him from the hurricane fire of Thanus. The reddish wolf leader can not see what is happening inside the hurricane but he's sure that his target is burning. Bill walks outside thanus' fire hurricane confidently with his electricity barrier. Thanus gets intimidated with Bill. He's shocked to see someone ignoring his fire hurricane.

Thanus: What! You just walk out of it like that! It's an insult for me.
Bill: I will get burned if I don't walk outside. I admire your fire power Mr. Orange wolf, but I have to defeat you right now because I need the antidote for my father immediately.

Thanus: Take this!

Thanus charged a powerful claw attack with fire power on its claw to break Bill's barrier. The huge reddish wolf leader got electricuted but it can resist the electricity power from Bill's barrier.

Thanus: Your barrier will be destroyed!
Bill: Huh? Okay try it.

Thanus released more fire power to his claw to break Bill's barrier. Thanus' claw starts to penetrate the electricity barrier.

Bill: Okay. You really are that strong. You can penetrate inside my barrier. I admire you but I don't have to waste any more time now.
Thanus: What?

Bill stopped his barrier and runs fast away from the reddish monster leader and start charging his fist with electricity power. He runs below Thanus fast.

Thanus: Huh?! Where are you going?

Quick escape against the wolf leader

Image of Bill's preparation to attack the reddish wolf leader

The reddish wolf like monsters around them attacked Bill, but he made a web like electricity fence before they can jump to him.  The reddish wolves were electricuted. Bill jumps to the web like fence and it bounce him back, making a very fast dash attack to Thanus. Thanus wonders where Bill went and as he turn his head back, he's unprepared to defend himself for Bill's dash attack with electricity charge on his fist.

Thanus: What the?!

One mighty electricity punch in the face of the wolf leader Thanus

Image of One mighty electricity punch to the reddish wolf leader Thanus

Bill landed a powerful punch with electricity power on the left part of Thanus' face. The huge reddish wolf leader was pushed away by Bill's powerful electricity punch. Thanus landed in the ground, grinding the surface. He became unconscius for a while but it force itself to get up. Thanus just lay down at the ground and its fur turns to normal reddish brown color. The reddish wolves around them starts to fear Bill and their color also changed.

Bill went near Thanus.

Bill: Are you okay?
Thanus: Y-yeah, I.. I'm fine.
Bill: I think I used more than enough electricity power to put you down.
Thanus: You.. You really are that strong. You will... have my assistance.
Bill: Okay.. But how are we going to travel in that situation of yours?
Thanus: Give me time to rest.
Bill: Wait. I got some health potion that I bought in the Globe Island. You can have it.
Thanus: oh... Okay.

Bill gave Thanus the only health potion that he have and the brownish wolf leader got back his strength.

Thanus: Thank you, kid.
Bill: That's the only health potion that I have.
Thanus: Really? You are a good creature. You're just like the imprisoned villagers. Don't worry. I will assist you until we get into the rocky wall mountain. I can talk to the creatures that we might face so it would be faster for you to get there.
Bill: Thank you mighty Thanus. Can we go now?
Thanus: Yes. Get in my back so we can start traveling.
Bill: Okay.

Bill rides on Thanus and they start travelling. The small wolves tries to go with them but Thanus looked at them saying that they should stay and protect their territory.