Ep 37 - The Unknown Forest In The Wild Planet

After proving his worth by beating mighty Thanus, Bill and the wolf leader starts traveling to the rocky wall mountain where the imprisoned villagers are. While Bill is riding Thanus, they talk to each other using their mind. Thanks to Bill's amulet, he can talk to intelligent creatures like Thanus.

Thanus: There were so many fighters who came here for the same purpose that you have, but most of them failed. Some mighty creatures have passed through our territory but I don't think they were successful.

Bill: You mean, there are some hunters who beated you, The Mighty Thanus as well?

Thanus: Yes. But there are so many more powerful creatures in this planet, stronger than I. We are going to pass through them and I will try to negotiate with them to let us pass through their territory.

Bill: Okay. So there will be more battles to come?

Thanus: Hopefully not. I hope they understand your purpose. They will not allow anyone to pass if fighter can not beat them. But I see your worth. If they believe I, then they will let us pass. But if they don't, then we have to beat them first.

Bill: Okay then. I will not let anyone to get in our way. I will beat them if they will not allow us to pass.

Thanus: I remember one powerful fighter who uses the nature to fight. He is very powerful like you and I thought he's the one who can free the villagers. But he don't come back, even the villagers don't, so I think he failed.

Bill: What's his name?

Thanus: I forgot his name. He move so fast like the wind. It's been a long time ago. He's the last fighter that I encountered before you.

Bill: Okay. I don't have a choice. If all other hunters have failed. I need to try. My father and my master was poisoned by a dark power poison and I need to have the antidote for them. That's why I'm here giving all that I can for this mission.

Thanus: You have a very good heart, son. I admire your courage to do this mission. I believe you have something that the other hunters don't.

Thanus: This place is full of wild creatures. Some of the creatures here are very dominant on their territory. There are also rare plants here that the villagers use to create their potions and antidotes. The villagers nurture creatures like us. They respect other creatures that don't want to be nurtured. They let them live the way they want to. If they attack the villagers, we good creatures protect villagers from them.

The Unknown Forest in the Wild Planet

Bill and the reddish wolf leader Thanus continued traveling for 9 straight hours. They entered an unknown forest in the wild planet and rest for a while under a huge tree.

Thanus: Kid. I need to rest for a while. We are still far from the guarded wall mountain.

Bill: Okay. I wonder, we have been traveling for almost half a day now and the sun is still not showing. Is there a sun here?

Thanus: The source of energy, you mean?

Bill: Mmm... Yes.

Thanus: Maybe our planet revolves slowly than your planet. It will be night for more hours to come. And when the sun shines, there will be light for the same hours.

Bill: I understand. We study that in our school in our place.

While they are resting, Bill's stomach create a funny sound.

Bill: Oh no. I feel hungry. Is there a food that we can eat here?

Thanus: I'm not sure. I've never been here before. It is a short cut to the wall mountain.

Bill: Look! Up in this huge tree. There are colorful large fruits. They look delicious.

Thanus: I see. It may look delicious but I not sure it's good.

Thanus stomach made a funny loud sound.

Thanus: I feel hungry also. Maybe you and I can taste the fruit.

Bill: Yeah. Hang on, I will get one fruit so we can test it.

Bill went up the huge tree and picked one large fruit from it. He went down and they examine the fruit.

Bill: Okay, here we go. It looks nice. Let's see what's inside.

Thanus: ...

Bill cut the fruit using his electricity blade power.

Bill: Wow! It looks perfect. It smells good too. I'll make a little bite in it.

Bill bite a little in the sliced large violet fruit while Thanus is watching him.

Thanus: How is it?

Bill: Wow! It's very delicious! You have wonderful fruits in here.

Thanus: I see. Maybe it is safe. Let me try.

Thanus smells the fruit, licked it and then bite a little of it. After tasting it, Thanus ate the first half of the fruit. Bill also ate the other half. Bill went up again and he picked two more fruits. One for him and one for Thanus. After eating they rest for a while.

Bill: That's very delicious! I think I have enough of it.

Thanus: Me too. I never eat something like this before. I never knew that it is good. I like it. Other plants here are wild. Some of them can poison a creature but most of fruits here makes creature strong and healthy.

While Thanus is talking, Bill's sight became distorted. Thanus became funny looking for Bill and he laughed at him. The wolf leader have the same feeling he laughed back at Bill. They are laughing and started telling funny stories to each other. After a while, their look on each other becomes more funny. They started to laugh more loud. While they were laughing, the mist around them became thick.

Bill: Hahahahaha! Ah.. I.. Feel sleepy. I..

Thanus: ... I sleep.

They both sleep after they have been covered by the thick mist. A creature is coming near at them. It has big eyes, big mouth, big head, tiny body and a tail.