Ep 37 - The Unknown Forest In The Wild Planet

After proving his worth by beating mighty Thanus, Bill and the wolf leader starts traveling to the rocky wall mountain where the imprisoned villagers are. While Bill is riding Thanus, they talk to each other using their mind. Thanks to Bill's amulet, he can talk to intelligent creatures like Thanus.

Thanus: There were so many fighters who came here for the same purpose that you have, but most of them failed. Some mighty creatures have passed through our territory but I don't think they were successful.

Bill: You mean, there are some hunters who beated you, The Mighty Thanus as well?

Thanus: Yes. But there are so many more powerful creatures in this planet, stronger than I. We are going to pass through them and I will try to negotiate with them to let us pass through their territory.

Bill: Okay. So there will be more battles to come?

Thanus: Hopefully not. I hope they understand your purpose. They will not allow anyone to pass if fighter can not beat them. But I see your worth.…

Ep 36 - Bill Versus The Reddish Wolf Leader Thanus

Five hurricane with fire from the reddish wolf leader Thanus appeared around Bill. He stays calm while the hurricane of fire is starting to burn him.

Bill: It's getting hot in here.
Thanus: That skill have turned intruders of this place into ash! I don't think you can survive this kind of attack!

Bill's defense against the hurricane fire of the  reddish wolf leader Thanus Bill's electricity barrier starts to protect him from the hurricane fire of Thanus. The reddish wolf leader can not see what is happening inside the hurricane but he's sure that his target is burning. Bill walks outside thanus' fire hurricane confidently with his electricity barrier. Thanus gets intimidated with Bill. He's shocked to see someone ignoring his fire hurricane.

Thanus: What! You just walk out of it like that! It's an insult for me.
Bill: I will get burned if I don't walk outside. I admire your fire power Mr. Orange wolf, but I have to defeat you right now because I ne…

Ep 35 - The Reddish Wolf Like Monsters and the Mighty Thanus

One of the reddish wolf like monster runs fast toward Bill and jumped into him. Bill's electricity barrier starts to protect him and it pushes the monster out of him. The reddish wolf was hurt and it rages even more. The other reddish wolves attacks but no one can harm Bill because of his electricity barrier. One by one, the reddish wolves were pushed back and were electricuted by Bill's barrier. Bill talks to them while they are attacking.

The reddish wolf like monsters attacked Bill's electricity barrier Bill: Listen. I don't want to hurt any of you. I'm just here to free the imprisoned villagers and have the dark poison antidote for my sick father. I hope anyone can understand me.

The wolves didn't stop attacking Bill and they got angrier whenever they pushed back by his barrier and electricuted.

Bill: I guess nobody understands me here. If you guys get in my way then I have to do something about it.

Electricity bolts against the reddish wolf monsters Bill …

Ep 34 - Bill arrived in the Wild Planet of Imprisoned Villagers

While the hunter before Bill is transporting in the portal, Humprey makes a waiver that will allow Bill to travel in a blacklisted planet where the imprisonned villagers are. Bill signed the waiver right after it was made. After signing the waiver, Bill went inside the portal. The operators of the portal starts to set it to Bill's destination. When all is set, the portal starts to light. Bill was instructed to remain calm and relax while the portal makes a very bright light. Bill closed his eyes while the transporting is happening.

Bill arrived in the Wild Planet of Imprisoned Villagers
After minutes of transporting from portal 9 of the Globe Island, Bill finally arrived in the wild planet. The very loud sound and very bright light of the portal have gone. Bill sensed that he's already in his destination. When he opens his eyes, he was totally amazed in the large moon from the sky. The moons shines bright. It is night time in the planet. The surroundings is similar to his hom…

Bill's Argument with the Portal 9's Head Operator Robertson

Bill picked a simple cloak, simple gloves and basic boots to wear for his first mission in the clothing area. Many hunters were busy to prepare their things for their own missions. Bill is now ready for travel. Most of the hunters already has powerful weapons for their missions. The hunters were experienced in hunting in portal 9. This portal is dedicated for dangerous missions in the Globe Island.

An experienced hunter noticed Bill in Portal 9 and talked to him.
Experienced hunter: Hey, you look so naive. Are you sure you came in the right portal?
Bill: Portal number 9, I think this is the right portal.
Experienced hunter: I'm Manzanilla. I ranked expert in the Globe Island. The missions here are almost impossible to complete but the prize are worth it. If I will be victorious, I can buy the "Huge axe of Leech" that will make me rank higher.
Bill: That's nice. Sounds like you have defeated impossible targets in this multiverse.

Manzanilla: Exactly! It's getting…

Ep 33 - The Online Merchant for Starting Items of Bill

After the meeting, Bill is ready to buy his starting items for his mission in a dangerous planet to free the imprisoned villagers and get the dark poison antidote for his father and his master Protos. He used the smartphone for hunters issued to him to check on the items that he need. Andrea, their new hunter assistant chat him and recommended a merchant according to his power.

Chat with the online merchant for starting items of Bill
Bill: Hi! I'm Bill. I'm on my way to your shop. What starting items will you recommend for a new hunter like me?
Merchant: Hello! I'm Julie of the Energetic Shop. I have energy-based items that you can buy here. The basic item for you is the amulet of energy which enables you to regenerate small amounts of energy, communicate with intelligent creatures using your mind and adds power to your skill. It costs 243 coins
Julie: 3 potions is also recommended for you on your first mission. An energy potion costs 63 coins that will instantly refill you…

Ep 32 - Bill's Registration As New Hunter

This is the 32nd episode of the story blog of Electricity Legend Bill. Bill have completed the trainings he need to undergo in the Gifted Island. He completed the training in 3 days. After the last training, they headed back to the trainee's house to rest. The next day, Bill prepared the things he might need in the registration. He flew in the afternoon to the Globe Island and headed to the hunter's registration office so he can travel to the planet where the imprisoned villagers are.

Registration as new hunter
Bill filled up the registration form and gave his personal details. After that, he undergone through test and exams and passed all of them. Bill is now a registered hunter in the Globe Island. He phoned his mother Marian to update them.

Bill: Ma! I'm now a registered hunter. I can now travel to the planet of the villagers and retrieve the dark power poison for papa and master. How are they?
Marian: They're getting worse as time passes by. However, they're st…