Ep 12 - The Frozen Fire Ball

Jimmy concentrates more of his ice power to give strength to their combination of Joonie of Ice Water Chain. It beomes more aggressive and it can deal the same power that Protos is releasing with his huge Fire Ball.

While the three are fighting, Bill stops crying and then he is in silence. He closed his eyes and then concentrates to remember the lessons that they have with Protos. Lance has been concentraing on charging his water power that surrounds in his body. The water around him becomes more aggressive and it waves even more powerful.

Injured Joonie starts to concentrate as well to give more power to his water chain wrapped to the ice wave of Jimmy.
Joonie: I'll give it all now just to catch you!!!
The combination of ice water chain of the two becomes more powerful than the huge fireball of Protos.
Protos: No! These two are really strong! My fireball is getting weaker.
After 10 seconds of collision, the huge fireball got frozen.