Ep 16 - Three Days After The Battle

This is the 16th episode of the Story Blog of Electricity Legend Bill. Protos is wondering who defeated the three guys that put him into a critical state. He knew he was defeated and the three enemies were so powerful to beat. Even a legendary fire master like himself cannot match the combined power of the three. He doesn't know that the electricity power of Bill has awakened and he defeated the three in just one strike. Bill is also the one who healed his wound partially using his electricity power.

After three days, Protos has recovered from the injuries that he has during the battle. He is going to talk to the parents of Bill about the incident. Bill is also wondering what have happened. He knew that he was only dreaming and imagining things. He never knew that he was the one who defeated the three captors of Protos in just one strike. While Bill is in school, Protos arrived to the house of the family.

Marian: Please come in.
Protos: Thank you.
Randy: What happened?
Protos: After a long time, an individual from the other dimension of the universe came in to capture me. I never knew that an individual will be interested to defeat a legendary fire master like me. He hired three water experts to beat me and I was beaten. I almost died and I never know who defeated them.

Protos: They kidnapped Bill to lure me into the battle place. They don't know anything about Bill. The capability of Bill to have an electricity power. But something mysterious happened. It's like I regained a bit of my energy and when I'm conscious, they are all unconscious.

Marian: I'm worrying of what can happen. I'm worrying that someone will come to kidnap Bill again. I wish it won't happen again.
Randy: During your recovery, we doubled the security just to make sure that the incident won't happen again. When we asked Bill about what happen, he said he was trapped in a magical cold barrier and that he went to sleep.

Protos: The only people who can tell what happened are my three hired captors. I have to talk to them while they still here to rest. There is a hotel of Globe Island in this place for hunters, I should talk to them before they leave.