Ep 17 - Protos and Lance Discussion

Protos rushed into the Globe Island hotel to talk to Lance, the leader of the three water experts. He is known as a legendary fire master so the security of the hotel let him pass through without too much inspection. He proceed to the lobby.

Receptionist: Master Protos! Long time no see! Are you back in business again?
Protos: Not yet. I need to talk to Lance.

The receptionist phoned the room of Lance and then he answered the phone.

Receptionist: Master Protos is here at the lobby. He wants to talk to you.
Lance: Okay, I'll go down.
Receptionist: Please have a sit master. How about a cup of coffee or tea?
Protos: Tea, please.

Protos sat comfortably in a couch in the lobby. After a while, a server serves a cup of tea to Protos. Minutes later, Lance came in wearing a neutral bracelet that prevents any creature on using any elemental powers. He sat in a couch facing Protos.

Lance: It's good to see you Master Protos! You have recovered from the damages that we have dealt on you. I'm sorry about that. We just did what we came here for.

Protos: It's okay, I understand. I admit that your powers have defeated mine. Luckily I have came early before your flight.

Lance: I recommend you to register your student in the Gifted Island and train him just like your other students.

Protos: What do you mean?
Lance: I'm pretty sure that you have the reason to leave the Gifted Island for this boy. He's the one who beat us.
Protos: What?!

Protos is surprised on what Lance told him. He became a bit nervous about it.

Protos: Are you sure about this?
Lance: My eyes are wide open during the battle. The lightning bolts that came from the boy hit me and when I wake up, I was in the recovery room. I expect that he's just ordinary because I don't see any potential in him. But I congratulate you for having a great student.

Protos: And how about your team mates?
Lance: I haven't talked to them since the battle. They are still in the recovery department. Our master will be mad about what happened. I'm telling you right now that you have to be careful of your student. There will be a lot of creatures that will hunt him.
Protos: Thank you. That's all I need to know. Good luck on your next missions.