Bill's Argument with the Portal 9's Head Operator Robertson

Bill's Argument with the Portal 9's Head Operator Robertson Image
Bill picked a simple cloak, simple gloves and basic boots to wear for his first mission in the clothing area. Many hunters were busy to prepare their things for their own missions. Bill is now ready for travel. Most of the hunters already has powerful weapons for their missions. The hunters were experienced in hunting in portal 9. This portal is dedicated for dangerous missions in the Globe Island.

An experienced hunter noticed Bill in Portal 9 and talked to him.

Experienced hunter: Hey, you look so naive. Are you sure you came in the right portal?
Bill: Portal number 9, I think this is the right portal.
Experienced hunter: I'm Manzanilla. I ranked expert in the Globe Island. The missions here are almost impossible to complete but the prize are worth it. If I will be victorious, I can buy the "Huge axe of Leech" that will make me rank higher.
Bill: That's nice. Sounds like you have defeated impossible targets in this multiverse.

Manzanilla: Exactly! It's getting more challenging for me to complete impossible tasks. I love the feeling of the "near death experience" and it makes me feel stronger!
Bill: Wow!
Manzanilla: Yeah! Our guild members will be proud of me when I arrive successful in this mission. It's always like a hero's welcome to me whenever I finish a task.
Bill: Guild? What's that?
Manzanilla: A community of powerful hunters. There are prerequisites before you can join a guild. It has a lot of benefit if you are in one of them.

The announcer of the portal 9 annouced the number in queue.

Portal announcer: Number 16, Please enter the portal. Number 17, please proceed to the travel registration area.

Manzanilla: Hey kid, that's my number, 17. I need to go now. Goodluck to your mission. I hope someday we'll meet again. Wait, what's your name?
Bill: Bill.

Manzanilla went to the travel registration area for his registration before the travel. Bill got excited mixed with a little fear because he's next to Manzanilla. He watched number 16 enter the portal. Minutes after, the portal lights very bright and the teleportation starts. He can't see the hunter inside the very bright sphere of light because it is so bright.

Minutes after, the hunter inside the portal disappeared. The announcer annouced number 17, Manzanilla to enter the portal and number 18, Bill to proceed to the registration area. Bill starts to get really excited while he walks to the travel registration area of the portal.

Bill in the travel registration area in Portal 9

Travel registration officer: Good day Mr. Hunter! Name, rank and destination, please?
Bill: Bill, New Hunter... The wild planet where the imprisoned villagers are.
Travel registration officer: No way! You are a new hunter, you must be in portals 1 to 3.
Bill: I'm sure that this portal is the one assigned for me.
Travel registration officer: It's been a decade since the last hunter travelled that planet. There are also hunters who went before him and no one comes back. We decided to put the planet to blacklist.
Bill: I'm aware of that. I still need to go.
Travel registration officer: Wait a minute.

The travel registration officer phoned Robertson, the head operator of the portal and told him about Bill's destination. Robertson proceeds in the travel registration area.

Bill's Argument with the Portal 9's Head Operator Robertson

Robertson: Okay. So this is it. We received a note from The Gifted Island that you are in an important mission so we allow you to start in Portal 9. Unfortunately, the planet is blacklisted so you can't travel there.
Bill: How can you be sure that the hunters travelled there are dead?
Robertson: No one comes back since the villagers that operates the portal back here was imprisoned. The other planets has the same details about the dangerous planet and they blacklisted it as well.

Bill: I need the dark poison antidote for my father and my master.
Robertson: Huh?! You must be a student of the legendary fire master Protos? I'm sorry about what happened.
Bill: Then you should allow me to travel if you really are sorry. If you don't allow me then you should kill me right now! I know it's a suicide going to the planet, but I have no choice. I can't just stand there in our house and watch my father and master die!

Robertson: Oh boy! Okay then. Humprey (travel registration officer) will make a waiver so we can allow you to travel in a blacklisted planet. Just sign the waiver and you can travel.
Bill: Okay.
Humprey: Boss, are you sure about this?
Robertson: Yes. We can't stop a hunter to go on a blacklisted planet if he insist. The waiver will be our defending document in this case.
Robertson: Goodluck new hunter!

Robertson walked slowly back to his area. As he walked, his face is sad. He feels guilty for allowing Bill to travel in a blacklisted planet.