Ep 22 - Large Dark Power Sphere Explosion

Victor: You must be wondering what is on this sword that sliced your arm? It is a dark power poison. Your body will be paralyzed and will suffer in pain for 3 days. You will be eliminated whether you like it or not. But I admire your power, so I'll let you die now.

Victor walked to his large dark power sphere and starts to control it. He pointed it to the direction where Protos is. The dark sphere started to move slowly towards Protos.

Victor: Goodbye legendary fire master.

Protos looked at the sphere coming in and tries to make a move. He talks in his mind.

Protos: No. I don't have to die here. It's not gonna end this way! I have to do something.

Protos forcefully raised his right arm and started to produce dark flame bomb. With all his remaining fire power, he charged his dark flame bomb. When all of his remaining energy is charged in it, he relased it and slowly moves toward the bottom of the dark sphere.

With all his power he controled the dark flame bomb until it reaches near at the bottom of the dark sphere and make it explode before it touches the sphere. The large dark power sphere of Victor changed the direction slightly upward towards the house of Bill's family.

Victor is sure that his dark power sphere will hit Protos so walked away to the location of where Marian and Randy is hiding. Marian is in great fear and Randy covers her before the explosion of the large dark sphere.


A very loud explosion totally destroys the house of the family of Bill. Protos was covered by the rocks and debris made by the explosion. Randy and Marian was pushed backward from the explosion.

In a far from the destroyed house of the family, people starts to runaway while Bill is going home from school. He ran immediately to where their house is when he heard the very loud explosion. He is worried about what happened.