Ep 23 - The Painful Arrival of Bill

The painful arrival of Bill

After the loud explosion, Victor walks confidently and slowly towards Marian.

Victor: I have gave you the chance to live, but you declined my offer. Now I have to eliminate both of you just like what I said.

Marian: No! Please don't kill me. Heeelp!!!

Marian is in fear she moved backward while sitting at the ground surrounding by fire and smoke created by the explosion. Victor raised his sword up, readying to attack Marian. When Randy is near enough to attack Marian, Randy instantly appeared from a thick smoke and pushed Victor out. Accidentally, Randy was cut by Victor's sword in his left foot. Victor was distracted.

Randy immediately grabbed Marian's hand and they ran far from Victor. They hide from a thick smoke. Victor get up and then laughs.

Victor: Hahahaha! Runaway! That is all you can do. Run as fast as you can.

Bill arrived at their destroyed house, he's shock on what he saw. This is the painful arrival of Bill. He shouts.

Bill: Mamaaaaaa! Papaaaaaa!

Randy and Marian heard Bill's shout. And they answered.

Randy: Soooooon! Run! Getaway from here!

Marian cries while running away from Victor.

Marian: My soooooon!

Victor heard their shouts and gets excited to get the boy.

Victor: Finally! He's here.

Victor rans fast to get outside of the smoke and see Bill. Protos also heard their shouts but he is unable to move. Luckily Protos face wasn't covered by the debris and soil so he can still breathe. He shouted.

Protos: Biiiiiill! Get out of here! Run as far as you can.
Bill: Master?! No! I'm not going anywhere without you! I'm gonna save you all!

At the edge of the deep hole created by the explosion, Marian and Randy stays and shouts to Bill to runaway. All of a sudden, Randy starts to be exhausted. He starts to feel weak and he dropped down on his knees.

Randy: What's happening? I feel very exhausted.
Marian: Hon?!
Bill: Papa!!! Hang on, I'll be there!

When Bill is about to run, Victor appeared from a thick smoke.

Victor: Bill. What a nice name. Nice to meet you.