Ep 25 - The Globe Island Authorities Arrived

Ep 25 - The Globe Island Authorities Arrived

Bill defeated Victor is just one big blast of huge electricity wave. Bill's amount power was too much for the cloak of absorption of Victor so it was destroyed and he was critically damaged by it. Bill got bruises on his right hand for releasing too much energy. He was exhausted. He heard Protos calling him.

Protos: Bill! Come over here!
Bill: Master?

Bill takes a deep breath and then he go down to the crater. He saw Protos and then went near from him.

Protos: I'm paralyzed. Remove me out of these debris. Take the red neutral bracelet from my belt bag and then put it to Victor to make a signal to the Globe Island authorities. They also have the first aid for me and your papa.
Bill: Okay.

Bill brings out the legendary fire master Protos out of the debris and then get the red neutral bracelet. He climbs up tired to where Victor is and then puts the bracelet to him. It lights up with red color. Bill walks exhausted to his papa.

Bill: Pa?
Randy: Good job, Bill. Good job. I'm so proud of you. Aaahhh!
Bill: Hold on papa. The Globe Island authorities will come soon.
Marian: Oh son. We're so worried about you. Thank you for saving us.
Bill: It's just came out. I don't know anything about it.
Marian: It's okay, son. It's a gift for you, you should use it the right way.
Bill: Okay ma.
Marian: How's your master?
Bill: He's paralyzed. He can't move his body.
Marian: That's what your papa is feeling too.
Bill: He said that the Globe Island authorities have the first aid for them.

After a while, a pick up truck came in the place. One of the Globe Island authorities named Jeffrey was shocked to see what happened in the place.

Jeffrey: Oh my?! What happened here?

The other Globe Island authority Matthew went outside the pick up truck and then grabbed the unconscious Victor using just one of his hands and then puts him in the truck and put the metal chain on him so he can't go anywhere when he wakes up. He immediately went near to Jeffrey.

Matthew: This is a huge crater. Let's talk to the winner of this battle.
Jeffrey: There, down the crater. Bring the reward and let's go down.

They went down to Protos.

Jeffrey: Hey, it's the legendary fire master again. Master Protos! Congratulations. Wait. He looks critical! Are you okay? What happened to you?
Protos: Dark power poison. I'm poisoned.
Jefferey: Oh my God! Did you know that there is no potion that can heal that? I can only give you an antidote that can prolong your life for up to 18 days. After that, the poison will become resistant to the antidote and...
Protos: It's okay give the first one to the people on top of this crater, immediately.
Jeffrey: Okay, master. We have 3 antidotes here, Matthew will give one to you.

Matthew gave an antidote to Protos while Jeffrey went up of the crater to give antidote to Bill's father.