Ep 30 - The Creation Module of Bill

Image of the creation module where Bill falls
Bill completed the second training Controlling Module. He's now able to totally control his power. They went back to the trainee's house to rest and eat. In the third day of his training, Bill is now ready to take the last training. The Creation Module. They went to the training place in the afternoon. They went into place where there are a lot of trees and shrubs. At the center, there's a small round shaped house with two doors. One in the front and one at the back.

Kim: The Creation Module is very simple. You just have to enter this door and go out in the other door. Sounds easy, right?
Bill: ...
Kim: You have to face your fears. Fight them. Create anything to eliminate those fears. Create yourself! Are you ready?
Bill: Yes, master.
Kim: Bring these 3 energy potions. You might need them for safety. I know you can do it. The small glass sphere at the center of the door will unlock it. Use your energy to activate it.
Bill: Got it, master.

Bill went to the front of the door and activated the small glass sphere using his energy. The glass lights up with electricity charges inside it. The door opens and Bill entered the door. When the door shuts, it is totally dark. Bill walk and finds the door knob to go outside but he can't find it. He's been walking for about a minute and he still cannot find the door. He stopped and start thinking of a way to go out side.

He heard a creepy voice.
Unknown: You must be lost, kid?
Bill: Huh? Who are you?
Unknown: Why don't you light up this place so you can see me.
Bill: No way, it must be a trick.
Unknown: Then I have to open the lights for you.

The place changes and Bill saw a very bright sky. The clounds are around him until he noticed that he is in the sky. He starts falling in the air.

Bill: Nooooooooo!!! I'm falling, I'm falling. I got to do something.

When he looked down he's stomach turns and he felt he's going to die of falling.

Bill: Oh no I'm gonna die! No! Wait! This is a training. I really have to do something.

Bill looks down and he opened his eyes. He have a fear of heights and he starts facing it. He's near to the ground and when he's about to touch the ground, he panicked.

Bill: Nooooooooo!!!

He hit the ground badly and the land was destroyed.