Ep 33 - The Online Merchant for Starting Items of Bill

The amulet from the online merchant for Bill
After the meeting, Bill is ready to buy his starting items for his mission in a dangerous planet to free the imprisoned villagers and get the dark poison antidote for his father and his master Protos. He used the smartphone for hunters issued to him to check on the items that he need. Andrea, their new hunter assistant chat him and recommended a merchant according to his power.

Chat with the online merchant for starting items of Bill

Bill: Hi! I'm Bill. I'm on my way to your shop. What starting items will you recommend for a new hunter like me?
Merchant: Hello! I'm Julie of the Energetic Shop. I have energy-based items that you can buy here. The basic item for you is the amulet of energy which enables you to regenerate small amounts of energy, communicate with intelligent creatures using your mind and adds power to your skill. It costs 243 coins
Julie: 3 potions is also recommended for you on your first mission. An energy potion costs 63 coins that will instantly refill your energy and 2 health potion that instantly refill your health. 126 coins for 2 health potions.
Julie: The total cost for all of recommended starting items is 432 gold coins.
Bill: Sound's good. I will trust your recommended items. I will make the payment now.
Julie: Okay. Thank you for shopping with us! We will prepare your items now.
Bill: You're welcome!

Bill arrived at the Energetic Shop

After the payment, Julie's team member prepared the items that Bill bought online. Before Bill arrived at the shop, the items were ready. There are many hunters in the shop. Some hunter greets Bill with a smile and he greets them back. He proceed at the counter to claim his items.

Julie: Hi!
Bill: Hello. I'm Bill, I'm here to pick up the items that I just bought.
Julie: Yes, they're here. Here's the amulet and 2 health potions and 1 energy potion. You can wear it now.
Bill: Okay. Thank you!

Bill wears the amulet. It shines after he wear it and he felt something great.

Bill: Wow! I've never felt this kind of feeling before. Thank you, Julie! I must go now.
Julie: You're welcome, Bill! Just browse on the items on the online shop and feel free to ask for recommendations.
Bill: Okay! Bye.
Julie: Thank you.

Bill is ready to travel in Globe Island portal

After picking up the items. He went to Globe Island portal 9, the assigned portal for him. The portal is a huge dome building and he was amazed on how it looks like. He went inside the portal and saw many hunters are in there. While he is walking to the counter, he noticed some hunters changing their outfit.

A hunter went in the middle of the portal and then it starts to light and then a very bright spear light covered the hunter. He stopped walking and watched the travelling hunter. Minutes after, the hunter disappeared. Bill got excited. He went to the counter to talk to one of the operators.

Operator: Hello! Welcome to the Globe Island portal 9. I'm Robertson, the head operator of this portal. May I have your name please?
Bill: Bill from the Gifted Island.
Robertson: Okay... You're 18th in the queue. You still have time to change your outfit. We give free gloves, boots and clothes to new hunters. Feel free to choose anything you want to wear in your mission.
Bill: Wow! Thank you!
Robertson: When you see your number in the screen, you may go inside the portal and start traveling. Goodluck on your mission!
Bill: Okay!

Bill went to the clothing area and picked the the clothe, gloves and boots that he's going to wear.